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The Colorado Department of Local Affairs maintains a web page for all Active Colorado Local Governments and contains the District’s budgets, annual transparency notices, District information, etc. 

The Independence District page can be accessed by clicking on the following link: 
Department of Local Affairs



2024 Annual Admin Resolution

2024 Budget Resolution

2024 Transparency Notice

2024 Consumer Confidence Report

2024 Rate & Fee Resolution



2022 Financial Statements



Learn More About Irrigation with Reclaimed Water

2021 Audit Report

Water Meter Set Request 06.18.2021

Hydrant Meter Rental Application 02.01.2021



Amendment No1 to Amnd Restated Joint Tap Fee



Service Plan Water & Sanitation

Reclaimed Water

The Independence Water & Sanitation District utilizes and supplies recycled water to our consumers for outdoor irrigation use. The use of recycled water in Colorado is regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) under Regulation #84. The attached documents describe the District’s capabilities, how to plan for and receive approval for residential landscaping improvements, and responsibilities of homeowners and contractors with respect to the use of recycled water for irrigation. 

Guide #1: Preserving Elbert County’s Water Supply
Recycled Water Guide #1

Guide #2: Steps for Landscaping Plan Approval and Installation
Recycled Water Guide #2

Guide #3: Customer Responsibilities
Recycled Water Guide #3

Guide #4: Available soon

Guide #5: Landscape Contractor Responsibilities
Recycled Water Guide #5