Visit "Where can I get vaccinated" or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information.

Visit "Where can I get vaccinated" or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information.



Water & Sanitation District


The Independence Water & Sanitation District (the “District”) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado with those powers of a quasi-municipal corporation that are specifically granted for carrying out the objectives and purposes of the District as set forth in the Special District Act, Sec. 32-1-101, et seq, C.R.S., as well as those Special District Service Plan Regulations adopted by the Elbert County Board of County Commissioners, as amended and as applicable to the Service Plan. 

The District was established in 2017 to acquire, construct, finance and maintain public water, sewer, and storm drainage improvements for the use and benefit of service users of the District’s systems.  The District encompass 1,011 acres, is located in Northwest Elbert County, and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the potable water acquisition and distribution system, operation and maintenance of the water reclamation facilities, and operation and maintenance of the non-potable irrigation system.  Water use within the District is metered at each potable and non-potable connection and meter readings are collected electronically and read through a Badger Meter remote service.

The District is unique in that reclaimed non-potable water is captured, stored, and then distributed throughout the District for residential and common space irrigation, thereby lessening the demand on our ground water supplies.




Independence Water & Sanitation District
2023 Irrigation Season Guidelines

The District’s Irrigation System will be charged and ready for residential use beginning Friday - April 7, 2023. 

The District’s irrigation system uses reclaimed water for which there are special requirements set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).  As a user of reclaimed water you are to be aware of your responsibilities for safe use and to reduce waste.  Please visit the District’s website at: to learn more about the proper use of recycled water at your home.

For the 2023 Irrigation Season please comply with the following irrigation guidelines:

  • Addresses ending in even numbers shall only irrigate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Addresses ending in odd numbers shall only irrigate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 
  • Please set your irrigation system timers to water between the hours of 7:00 PM and 10:00 AM on designated days
  • Outdoor watering is not permitted on Sundays or between the hours of 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM
  • Please avoid over watering of irrigated areas to eliminate runoff or ponding.

Thank You for your cooperation!

Independence Water & Sanitation District

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Conservation Community

The strategically and carefully planned Independence community employs innovative conservation methods to preserve open space, water, energy, and other natural resources to directly benefit all residents of Elbert County.


Space to Live

Independence offers the highest percentage of dedicated open space comparable to other master plan communities in Colorado. Over 433 acres will be preserved in a contiguous and natural state to encourage wildlife and migration throughout the community, while expansive setbacks from neighboring residences and local roads will reduce the community’s impact on current residents.

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